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Twilight Trees
Graphics Don't Just Fall Out Of The Sky
Welcome to twilightrees! A graphics community owned by blossombunny
24th-Dec-2015 04:05 pm(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
(Remember that this community has MOVED to subtle_tease)

Old Christmas icon batches with a new one on top :)


more setsCollapse )
12th-Dec-2009 08:28 pm(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
If you guys didn't know..this community moved to subtle_tease
20th-Dec-2008 03:37 am - ATTN!!!
HP: snape lumos

Twilight Trees has moved to:

subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease
subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease
subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease subtle_tease

Going to start fresh. New makers. New posts. Etc. There are 2 of us at the moment. I'll be posting the application, affiliate info, etc over there in a little bit. so GO GO GO!! :D
30th-Nov-2008 12:41 am - IMPORTANT POAST!
HP: snape lumos
This place is epic fail. I hate the name, i hate the inactivity, etc etc. SO, soon there will be a move and renovation. If any makers and members would like to follow me, go right on ahead. Keep in mind makers, that i would LOVE for you to be ACTIVE. if not, well you know where the door is.

aaaaaaaaaanyway, i'll let everyone know where and when this move and whatnot will take place.

I would just love a community that is successful. not made of fail.
6th-Nov-2008 03:48 am(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
So umm....it's been 3 months since any of you guys have posted anything. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?! :/ seriously.
3rd-Nov-2008 11:51 am(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Hey guys. I'm gonna be offering something simple today. For the SpongeBob fans out there.


so i'll be taking UNLIMITED

*Please fill out the form correctly
*Please use what i make you
*You must be a member to request
*Manners can get you everywhere. Please use them :)


3rd-Nov-2008 11:24 am(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Hey guys. i'm FINALLY back. I got everything done that i needed to do. and here are some stuff for you guys :)

66 icons, 2 banners of:
*Stock (38)
*Imagination Movers (5 icons, 2 banners)
*Donald Braswell(8)
*Adrianne Curry (15)

BEHIND HERE!!Collapse )
22nd-Oct-2008 03:14 am(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Sorry guys if i've been MIA. :( I've been having major problems these past few months. After i fixed my computer, there have been several setbacks. both on the computer and in real life :/ things are slowly getting back to normal. I was going to post today but I just got word that our internet is going to be off until Friday. My sister is behind on bills...as usual Anyway, my sister told me that they will be turning it off this morning. and since i want to go to bed, i won't be able to post until it's back on. But don't worry, i got some stuff to post. and i'll be working on more stuff on my offline time. I'm still here. :) so i'll brb. ttyl and whatnot hehe.
29th-Aug-2008 02:38 am(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
hey guys. i got some bad news. :( my computer is caput. i'm going to have to reinstall Windows. damn. so i'm going on a small hiatus.

see y'all around :)
14th-Aug-2008 09:09 pm(no subject)
Sorry I haven't posted in while. Here are some recent icons for yah. Enjoy!

[5] Zac Efron
[13] Phil of the Future
[5] Family Force 5
[10] Gilmore Girls
[7] Alexis Bledel 

12th-Aug-2008 10:05 pm(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Hey peoples. I got some more goodies for ya :)

*High School Musical 3 (35 icons, 4 banners) [caps courtesy of miracle_style]
*Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale (12 icons)

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10th-Jul-2008 09:15 pm(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Hey guys :) I got some moar icons for ya.

*Charlize Theron
*Miley Cyrus

18 icons hereCollapse )
10th-Jul-2008 06:49 am(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Yay. another update. lol! i thought i was in dire need of a Dark Knight graphic of some kind. soooo....

here"s a Joker banner i madeCollapse )
26th-Jun-2008 09:45 pm - 53 stock icons
HP: snape lumos
Hello hello hello :) Got some more goodies for ya's.

53 stock icons. HORAY!! :D


i want you in my life..Collapse )
5th-Jun-2008 09:11 pm(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Join dang you!


An icontest community for Canada related stuff. :)
11th-May-2008 06:33 pm - Icons - Icontest Dump
[other] - kettle
[35] contest icons (and a couple random creations tossed in there)
     →MINOR spoiler for Avatar: The Last Airbender (Boiling Rock Part 2)


CLICKYCollapse )

8th-May-2008 05:11 pm(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Hey everyone! :) sorry for my absense.

I got 60 new stock icons for ya.

come see come see!Collapse )
5th-May-2008 12:54 pm - Stock
[other] - kettle
[10] stock icons
  →See the full table HERE @ my personal graphics comm


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13th-Apr-2008 06:39 pm(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Sorry for my absence. TONS of family drama. Plus toothaches on top of that. But here i am :D

Today I got some American Idol top 7 "Team" icons.

STILL bitter over Papa Johns departure..Collapse )
10th-Apr-2008 12:33 am - Icons - Breakfast at Tiffany's
[other] - kettle
[35] Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's icons

CLICKY!Collapse )

31st-Mar-2008 09:56 am - ICONS - Stock & Death Proof
[other] - kettle
[25] icons {15 stock (birds & Scotland) + 10 Death Proof}


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25th-Mar-2008 04:19 am - Wallpaper - Gwen Cooper [Torchwood]
[other] - kettle
[01] wallpaper - Gwen Cooper (2 sizes)
[xx] Click for full size

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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18th-Mar-2008 11:42 pm(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
O HAI GUYZ!! sorry if it's been awhile. :(

- Credit blossombunny @ twilighttrees
- Please don't hotlink, mmkay
- Comments make me happy :)

*Camilla Belle
*Daniel Day-Lewis ♥♥

i dunno really..i liked 10,000 BCCollapse )
13th-Mar-2008 01:58 pm(no subject)
Hunger Games: Katniss&Peeta - Flames
---[29] Harry Potter
---[20] Stock
---[02] Harry Potter
---[01] Stock
---[01] Harry Potter (Luna, Hermione, and Ginny)
---[01] Harry Potter/Michael Jackson (made for a friend)
------[01] Matching Icon



at my journal.
1st-Mar-2008 01:05 pm - Request Post ***CLOSED***
* One subject per person.
* No movies/tv shows/etcetera unless you provide specific screencaps. (Happy exception is of course anything Alan Rickman.)
* For every request I will make 5/five simple icons, which, as far as I'm concerned, you can use as bases or as they are.
* All icons will be posted at ecenoci, iconstudio, twilighttrees and quadrati.
* This post will only stay open for a certain amount of time. At least 24 hours, but three days at the most.

27th-Feb-2008 12:01 pm - oh shit i'm posting!! D:
HP: snape lumos
Hey guys. sorry for the long break. stuff has been happening :( anyhoo, i got some more stuff for ya. :)


contrary to popular belief, i"m NOT from CanadaCollapse )
27th-Feb-2008 03:31 am - Resources - Textures
[other] - kettle
[06] sets of 10 textures each
[xx] Click on the image to download @ my DeviantArt :)

Clicky!Collapse )

FUN FACT: Set #10 is actually from a screencap from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. :D

24th-Feb-2008 10:02 pm - Twilight
Hunger Games: Katniss&Peeta - Flames
Twilight Graphics
---[10] Icons
---[03] Headers
---[03] Manips
---[01] Movie Poster

Here @ my journal.
19th-Feb-2008 08:43 am - ICONS - Stock (yarn + underwear)
[other] - kettle
[30] stock icons (2 yarn + 28 underwear)


CLICKYCollapse )
18th-Feb-2008 10:25 pm - I love...
Hunger Games: Katniss&Peeta - Flames
[50] "I Love..." Icons.
-----Harry Potter.


You gotta love yourself if you're ever gonna love me....Photobucket
14th-Feb-2008 10:04 pm(no subject)
Hunger Games: Katniss&amp;Peeta - Flames
[20] Harry Potter Icons
[10] Actor Icons (Emma and Rupert)
[10] Stock Icons
[03] Headers/Banners


12th-Feb-2008 09:23 am - ATTN MAKERS: roll call
HP: snape lumos
Our current makers are:

PLEASE comment saying "PRESENT!!" so i know you're here. :)

If you don't wanna make here anymore, PLEASE announce that you're leaving. 2 makers left w/o saying anything. and that doesn't fly with me.

And if you need some time off, PLEASE announce a hiatus.

And PLEASE post at least once a month. or two months. whatever you feel fit.

And make sure to have everyone credit YOURUSERNAME @ twilighttrees

that oughta cover it.

have a nice day :D
4th-Feb-2008 10:59 am - Icons :: Torchwood
[other] - kettle
[40] Torchwood 101 - Everything Changes icons
[xx] PLEASE do not hotlink.
[xx] Enjoy!


The 21st century is when everything changes...Collapse )

29th-Jan-2008 11:44 pm - moar misc stuff. icons and banners
HP: snape lumos

>>DCOM Minutemen (2008)
>>Aya Sumika
>>Alan Rickman (in Sweeney Todd)
>>Sarah Brightman
>>Misc. celebs
>>Misc. stuff
>>There's a few banners as well

124 icons & 11 banners

stop and stare..Collapse )
25th-Jan-2008 05:15 am(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
Join first and add comm, then comment. ok? ok.

Join Piinkness Graphics!!
Comment to this entry & let Lisa know that I sent you.
13th-Jan-2008 11:41 am - 135 cupcake icons
HP: snape lumos
Got some treats for ya. That's right, TREATS. I got sooo many cupcake icons. kept myself busy lately. So i hope you enjoy them.

Want a sample?

Click meeeeeeeCollapse )
10th-Jan-2008 07:50 am - Icons - Starbucks
[other] - kettle
[20] Starbucks icons by request :D
[xx] Comments! They are delishis. :3
[xx] Credit is never required, but always appreciated.
[xx] PLEASE do not hotlink.
[xx] Enjoy!


CLICKYCollapse )

10th-Jan-2008 03:47 am(no subject)
HP: snape lumos
YAY! Another freebie. :D

You got 2 choices, one with background color and one without. with our without a butterfly (i won't change the shape). i couldn't decide. so it's up to you.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic or Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*One per person
*Use manners and don't screw up the form please
*Use what i make you, please.

CLOSED..for now
7th-Jan-2008 02:59 pm - Requests/Suggestions ***CLOSED***
* One subject per person.
* No movies/tv shows/etcetera unless you provide specific screencaps. (Happy exception is of course anything Alan Rickman.)
* First five comments will be treated as requests, the rest will be treated as suggestions, which means there is a 99.99% chance they will be made, I simply can't tell you when.
* For every request I will make 20 simple icons, which you can use as they are or as bases as far as I'm concerned.
* All icons will be posted at ecenoci, iconstudio, twilighttrees and quadrati.

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